Artificial Intelligencefor Retail

Using state-of-the-art methods from machine learning and artificial intelligence, we bring transparency to the branch and retail sectors. We give your cameras the ability to independently detect and measure customer numbers, theft or conversions and make them available to staff in real time and management in the form of data analysis.

Let your surveillance cameras work for you.

Cartwatch Checkout

Protect the checkout area and reduce the workload of your checkout staff.

Cartwatch Entrance

Supervise your open-entrance area and protect yourself against theft.

Behavioral Tracking

Learn more about the behavior of your customers and complement your self-scanning solutions.

Increase visibility while complying with privacy policies

We always increase transparency and visibility while taking into account applicable law, data protection and the personal rights of your customers and employees. We pixel and anonymise faces in the video - and can help you do the same - so you can act in accordance with the DSGVO when dealing with customers or authorities.

Signatrix brings artificial intelligence and machine video comprehension to your store. With human-level object recognition, we can assist you with a wide range of tasks that require human image and video comprehension, increasing your productivity.

Cartwatch Entrance

By visually identifying and tracking all shopping carts and baskets at the open-entrance area, we can ensure that no carts carrying unpaid goods leave the store unnoticed through the open-entrance.

As soon as our cameras detect a theft attempt, the responsible personnel, such as your store detectives, can be alerted immediately.

Cartwatch Checkout

A camera at the cash desk or on the ceiling automatically checks whether there are still goods in the shopping cart or shopping basket during the payment process.

This automated check relieves the cash register staff and enables them to process payment more efficiently and in a more customer-friendly manner. The staff's attention is focused on those cases in which goods are actually still in the shopping trolley, so that a personal follow-up inspection can take place.

Video comprehension on a human level

The Winners of the famous challenge ImageNet' can be used thanks to the development of deep learning better identify the content of pictures than humans. These technologies are the basis of all our products.

  • Machines
  • Humans

Development of the error rate of humans and machines over time

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