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Use your security cameras to automatically detect all relevant events in your store.

Using the latest methods from machine learning and artificial intelligence, we bring transparency to the branch and retail sector. We give your cameras the ability to independently detect and measure customer behavior and theft. The information is made available to staff in real time, as well as to management in the form of data analyses.


Our systems seamlessly integrate with and improve store operations. Hundreds of retailers around the world rely on our solutions to reduce their inventory discrepancies and gain new insights into their store operations to optimize them. With our solutions, you can be there for your customers with a clear conscience and offer them the perfect shopping experience.

Signatrix Loss-Prevention Solutions

As soon as our cameras detect a theft attempt, the responsible personnel are alerted immediately or deterrent systems are triggered.

This reduces the mental load for your staff and enables them to process payment more efficiently and in a more customer-friendly manner, while preventing any potential losses of goods. 

In development

Signatrix Self-Checkout

Making Self-Checkout points a risk free choice

As part of IBB's Pro FIT program, we are developing an innovative solution for making self-service checkouts more secure. The project is called "Künstliche Intelligenz zur Steigerung der Transparenz und Intelligenz im Einzelhandel".
It is intended to enable retailers to use Self-Checkout points without having to fret about potential loss. We use deep learning technology to track and classify goods and identify irregular customer behavior. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF].

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