Putting the AI Into Retail

Signatrix docks on your existing infrastructure, making it ›smart‹ in a matter of weeks. Connecting with your security cameras, we use Artificial Intelligence to analyse whatever is happening in your store — automatically and in real-time.


Signatrix Loss Prevention Solutions

BOBA checks done right

Our solution detects non-empty carts passing the POS and displays their content to the checkout staff. This allows for seamless, targetted and efficient bottom of the basket checks and makes pointlessly checking empty carts a thing of the past.

Signatrix Self Checkout

Taking the risk out of stationary self-checkout

Our solution supports customers operating self-service terminals. Discrepancies between the goods actually booked in and the visible items are automatically detected.

The virtual exit control system for open entrance areas

By visually identifying and tracking all shopping carts and baskets at the entrance area, we ensure that no carts carrying unpaid goods use the open entrance as an exit.

As soon as our cameras detect a theft attempt, store staff can be notified or deterrent systems can be triggered.

Signatrix Self Checkout Exit Control

Making stationary Self-Checkouts pushout proof

An artificial intelligence recognizes shopping carts and their direction of movement. If a shopping trolley leaves the self-service area without prior contact with the checkout, Exit Control triggers.

International successes

Signatrix software is used in 10 countries worldwide. We work with international sales and hardware partners to offer dealers the best solution for their needs.

Research project

As part of IBB's Pro FIT program, we are developing an innovative solution for making self-service checkouts more secure. The project is called "Künstliche Intelligenz zur Steigerung der Transparenz und Intelligenz im Einzelhandel".

It is intended to enable retailers to use Self-Checkout points without having to fret about potential loss. We use deep learning technology to track and classify goods and identify irregular customer behavior. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF].



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