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How employing an intelligent Signatrix Solution prevents theft and protects your customer’s privacy at the same time

Whenever people talk about AI-based software and especially when talking about solutions working with security camera footage, privacy is an important part of the conversation. That is especially true for our customers in retail. We need to talk about privacy and will do so in this and upcoming posts.

One advantage physical retail stores will always have over online stores is the relationship to their customers. Most shoppers are regulars and know the store and staff. Obviously store managers want to maintain this human touch. This alone prompts them to refrain from using AI-based solutions, even setting aside possible doubts about their efficiency and ease of implementation. Ensuring customer’s privacy and anonymity is of the utmost importance. Thus Signatrix has decided to make it our top priority as well.

Obviously all our solutions are at least GDPR compliant, if not more. Additionally using Signatrix Solutions, especially Checkout, actually leads to honest customers being monitored less than they are at the moment. With our solutions employed there is no need to have security staff monitor store video feeds consistently, because they will be notified about any suspicious incident. When attempting to catch repeat offenders, our Analytics Tool Dashboard enables security staff to focus on relevant cases, by offering them easy access through a graphical user-interface. No more looking through hours of footage and staring at honest customers pointlessly and intrusively.

For the sake of privacy we won’t show any footage of suspicious incidents here. Nonetheless one might well say that Evil Corp is made a little less evil by using Dashboard.

This means:

1. The customers’ sense of anonymity in the store is actually valid. Our solutions do not need to recognise customers via facial recognition or other biometrics to work, while security staff can’t help but recognise people.

2. No more pointless monitoring: Having humans monitor video feeds is not only expensive but also inefficient and causes false alarms more often than AI-based smart solutions.

3. Signatrix solutions provide easy access to the data, that proves their efficiency, via the Dashboard and a safe way to determine how many customers are in the store at any given time as an added bonus.

For the sake of brevity we’ll end it here. Obviously there is more to be said regarding privacy. Check back soon.

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